Hello, my name is Akeel Jabbar, and I’m a 28 year old investor, businessesman and growth hacker with a portfolio of online business.

This is my personal site. I help individuals just like you invest and grow profitable online businesses in order to build a passive income through strategic online investments.


There was a time in our society when the type of degree that’s attached to your name and the finite list of opportunities it offered you notwithstanding all the competition around you measured the only version of a good life.


A big corner office with a comfortable six-figure salary was made to believe as the ultimate achievement. Think about it, a 2000 sq ft house with a white picket fence in the burbs, top of the line BMW and a lovely family with three picture perfect kids seemed to be the ideal picture to strive for, the epitomy of your highest crowning moment…”The American dream.”


And yet here you are, drowning in thousands of dollars into student loans, hours of study time not to mention all the sacrifices that came with your corporate job wondering “Is this all there is? Does my work even matter? How long do I have to keep putting things on hold in my life before this starts making sense to me?”


If you’ve pondered the idea that you just don’t fit into the system society forced us into, you’re not alone.


It can feel quite overwhelming to know that after giving your career everything you’ve got, nothing is stable or guaranteed anymore. At least not in these turbulent times.


That dull pain and inner conflict of wanting to do work that actually has meaning and makes an impact while still creating a good life for yourself is something I’ve experienced personally.


While I do admit I’ve built up my success, which I’ve created both through my Engineering career, my stock investments, real estate portfolio and various other business activities, it hasn’t always been easy. I went through a lot of struggle and have made some difficult sacrifices in order to get there.


The main reason I’m sharing my story with you is that I want you to see that anything is possible for you if you’re willing to put in the effort with clear purpose and drive.. So my hope is that you realize that by taking massive action, you’ll be inspired to take the next step into greater impact, freedom, fulfillment, and income.

I believe in the system where every ambitious, self-motivated entrepreneur should have the right combination of creative capital and mentorship in order to take their businesses to the next level.


As a former fellow corporate grinder turned self-made entrepreneur let me first start by extending my gratitude to you for visiting my world. In order for you to truly understand my success, my passion, my drive and the desire for wanting to help you growth hack your way into the best business deals right where you are – I first need to share something about how I was raised.


I have always been the underdog. Raised as the middle child into a lower income by my immigrant parents in Canada, I realized pretty quickly that to make anything good out of my life required my commitment, persistence and most importantly: being surrounded by other successful people.


My degree in Engineering { which got me into the corporate world}, as well as my first business which I started whilst in college, were both results of pure grit and determination. Failure has just never been an option for me.


I started working at the age of 15 because something in me yearned for that financial freedom and personal power that felt so out of reach. By the time I was in college, my life was reduced to intense round the clock studying and a side hustle business that I had created by giving 200% of myself to this dream of becoming more of myself by taking on more challenges in order to pursue financial freedom.


And it worked to some extent, because by the age of 21 I already owned my first rental property and was heavily involved in stock trading and other passive income activities. What was the result?


I started feeling constricted by this pre-chosen path that I was following. I had been working around the clock doing what everyone told me would lead to success and while I was a high achiever in the eyes of society, I felt constricted, as though my life wasn’t my own and my growth potential was being suppressed.


There was also the inner restlessness and conflict that I could never truly understand until I made the decision to start asking different questions.

What do I really want in life? 

Does the work I do even matter?

How do I build MY perfect life?

I realized life was too complex to figure everything out on my own. I think in an unconscious way, I began the quest for answers and solutions that would lead me to a life of total freedom fortune and impact.


One of my breakthrough moments was when I learned that I could transfer the knowledge, skills, and talents that I was using in a constricting way {through my traditional business activities} into the online space to create high cash flow digital assets with tremendous ROI per year.


In essence, I finally found a way to be my own boss, create something I love doing and use it to impact others directly in a positive way. I loved the idea of being in complete control. I loved knowing that the harder I worked and served others, the more wealth and success I would enjoy.


Up until that point I felt like the harder I worked toward my “forced” Corporate engineering job, the further I got from my dreams. I came face to face with my moment of reckoning.  The traditional model view of life, which my parents groomed me into, could not sustain this newfound dream that I wanted to make my reality. A decision was in order…

I had to choose my own path and leave everything else behind.

 But, all in all, every lesson, mistake, failed experiment and business i’ve started has made me who I am today.

Who I Am Today?

A purpose-driven, results oriented, growth hacking catalyst who actually lives and plays by different rules from those set by status quo.


I believe in maximizing profits while making an impact. I have demonstrated this in my own thriving businesses and today I partner with others on how to do the same.


Designing a lifestyle and business that is well rounded where all the aspects come together to form a meaningful, fulfilling happy life matter to me. In my case, that means taking the time to work hard and play hard.


My health, relationships, spiritual and mental growth always takes on as much priority as do my businesses. This is something I am continually striving to implement within the company cultures as well and I believe there has never been a more opportune time to set up businesses that are conducive to such a reality.


My purpose: To educate, empower and guide entrepreneurs into the right online investment deals so you can know what to look for and focus on to maximize your earnings.

With the tools, proven growth hacking techniques and support structure that I offer, you’ll have everything you need to scale your online investments and businesses in order to build your own legacy that is successful both personally and professionally. As I said before, my struggle was always finding that harmony and sweet spot between financial success and true fulfillment.

Random Facts About Me

Here are a few side facts about me in case you were wondering what I do when I’m not working. Some of the stuff I do enjoy is a may be odd to some.


I am an avid reader, podcast listener and sports fan (basketball and soccer). I can’t stop myself from overdosing on content to help me grow and push my self to the next level. I have a black belt in Karate and I love strength training and pushing my personal limits.


Diversity is something I really enjoy whether we’re talking about business or life in general. When it comes to languages, I speak English and French fluently, but due to the different roots of my family ties I am blessed enough to add some Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and a bit of Hindi to my list of spoken languages. Being a dog lover and the proud dad to a baby girl, I try my best to create as much free time for my family and those relaxing dog walks that Paco {my pitbull} and I love taking! 

This Is What I Want For You

This myth about quitting your job to become an entrepreneur need not stand in your way of financial success and happiness anymore. There are many individuals who have learned to maintain their corporate careers while building their online empires.


You don’t need to make that plunge and put yourself through that traumatic path especially when you work with someone like me who’s already gone through those sleepless nights and come out the other end with an easy to follow blueprint for passive income streams and online investments.


I left everything behind and jumped into the unknown. It was a very scary phase in my life but inside I knew it was the best decision, even though at first nothing seemed to work.


At first, I tried everything to get my business off the ground yet despite my passion and commitment I got nowhere. That six-figure income that was once my norm started to feel like a fading memory.

I can tell you, there were many nights where I would sit in the dark, my head bobbing up and down, my vision fading and blacking out after sitting in front of a laptop till the middle of the night and I would wonder if I was still making the right decision.


Not everyone has the stomach for that experience.

You don’t need to plunge in that deep and drive yourself to the ground in order to generate passive income and online businesses that help you grow.


I did it the hard way… So I wanted to make it easy for you.

Finding The Best Online Business

If you really do want to enjoy your best life yet, you can’t afford to settle for anything less in all areas of your life.


That means going back to basics and taking an honest look at the areas of your life that matter to you then elevating them into that status of sustained excellence.


This is essentially the promise I made to myself. I can assure you, my loving relationship with the love of my life, my growing family, my health and fitness, my contribution to the society as well as my continued education are all areas I am constantly working on even as I continue to scale the businesses. But it all started with my desire to stop wasting my energy and resources online on things that were second best and instead, learned to find ONLY the best deals in the marketplace and build on that.


The vision is always aligned with that of the people we serve because I believe that if a deal or relationship has no purpose in adding value to others with respect to both the consumer and investor, then it’s certainly not a business I want to be involved in either.

 The Digital Economy

The formula for making a great passive or full-time living online has now been confirmed and proven by myself and many other brilliant online marketers.


It is more than just a theory; it’s a simple realistic blueprint that anyone can successfully use. My curious, stubborn, experimental personality finally led me to the moment of victory where I was able to transfer my offline success into the online space. This was the creation of my toolbox of proven growth hacking strategies and the formula that is now continuing to transform my business, my life and the lives of many more!